Guess who finally joined the twitter movement?!

yes, it is true….the 2 comic book guys have joined the social media movement. probably a few years too late (we do have lives that exist outside……and by that, we actually mean outside). anyway, we can be found on twitter @2comicbookguys. more social media sites to follow. and as always, we will try to bring you the latest news and the hottest topics plus the madness and craziness that we can!

(Jay) Exactly! Talk about dinosaurs – this WordPress blog is starting to feel like Yahoo chatrooms lol. The internet was a MUCH different place when we started out 6 years ago. Twitter was barely a thing. Hell, I was still active on MySpace. By the time we get going on again something NEW will be popular! Maybe we should launch a full website? Hmmm….

-Jay and Friday-

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2 Comic Book Guys presents: The Inhumans official casting!

Folks, this is happening!

With the recent announcement from Marvel launching the Phase 3 lineup, we here at 2cbg are over-excited about the pocket-draining, time-consuming cinematic GOODNESS that will be the next 5-6 years of our lives. But no one is talking about the next SLEEPER hit Marvel is going to drop on us; THE INHUMANS!!!!

Probably because they are too busy trying to read up on it and become internet”experts”. Its ok fellow nerds…. WE have YOU covered. See, over here we are lifelong nerds. Damn near the originators of the casting blog (sorry, Wizard. We are claiming it. First!). Jay and myself have been reading these books for just about 3 DECADES (yeah, that kind of ages us, but 30 is the new 20), and nothing was off limits to us. I can remember buying up comics when they were a dollar or less, or you could get a 3-pack for $2. Yeah, that was like getting a free read, even if it was a lessen known character or some promo book (like the recently released Spider-Man with President Obama in it)! Who cared, honestly? Its like the seat belt on a Bumbo seat;

you don’t know why its there, you just pay it no mind and still throw your kid in it. I digress, though. On to the casting of the next big thing. You read it here first!

The casting of The Inhumans is going to be important. You have to draw in an audience of people who are not familiar with the books and the characters. So I think we have to have a few big names to draw in the masses.

Lets start with the Leader, Black Bolt.

I am going to go with Milo Ventimiglia on this one. Yes, I know he is not going to have any lines in this movie, but we all know he can physically perform all of the stunts required to play the role. and ladies, how is going to look in the leather/spandex outfit? You want the background on Blackagar Boltagon? You can read it on the Marvel wiki here.


Yup, that’s right! Mrs. Timberlake herself! After a few not so great performances, her recent pregnancy announcement, this could be the vehicle that jump starts her career. She can rock just about every hair color, and she obviously keeps fit enough to look amazing in either body paint or liquid latex (every fan boys dream). More on Medusa here.


I am going to rock with Taylor Lautner on this one. Still riding the waves of success with the Twilight series but not much after, he already possesses the martial arts abilities required of the role, so they will look natural on screen. Plus he has already worked with Milo so the on screen chemistry as brothers in law will be there. More on Karnak here.


Jai Courtney. Already shaping up to be one of the next big action heroes, Jai has held court with some of the biggest names in Hollywood and is a versatile actor who would be absolutely perfect as the only Inhuman who can’t breathe oxygen. More on Triton here.


Kate Upton. Yep, this one is a no-brainer. Am I right, everyone? She did a pretty good job in The Other Woman. Then there’s the……um…..other attributes she possesses. And I just want to see her in that tight yellow outfit. I don’t think I will get any complaints in that department. More on Crystal here.


James Franco equals perfection! Can rock that Fu Manchu/Goatee combo really nicely. Can play an asshole with ease. And it gets him into a fantasy/sci-fi genre film. We the fanboys/girls pay handsome rewards to see people who excel at this level. And I think the older Franco is just a great cast choice.


I am doing the race swap thing here. I think Omari Hardwick would be absolutely perfect for the role. This guy was amazing in dark blue, and is currently on Power, playing a duel role. He has the physique and the acting chops to pull it off, and this could be the breakout role for him to get ahead on the list of black actors in lead roles in the future. More on Gorgon here.


Yes! The antagonist of the movie, Hartnett is going to kill it! Because he is currently killing it on Penny Dreadful, and remember his performance in Lucky Number Slevin?! Go back and check it out if you don’t! This guy will own this role! More on Maximus the Mad here.

Friday, overly excited about future cinema purchases!

(Jay) Damn dude! This casting is pretty dope! I have nothing to add! NOTHING. Props on the following selections: Milo Ventimiglia (Peter from NBCs Heroes) as Black Bolt! Jai Courtney (Varro from Spartacus!) as Triton! Fuckin Josh Hartnet as Maximus!

I seriously doubt anything that Hollywood casts will rival this. Do we need to move to LA and become writers?

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Friday’s Top Ten Marvel Comics Heroines!


What’s up, peoples! the amazing, Jay and Friday here, bringing you yet another one of our infamous Top Ten lists. Yes, we know we did a Top Ten list on comic hotties, but we’re here to break it down for the Disney acquired Marvel comics heroines. although you may not agree with our list, remember this: its OUR list! now scroll down past this pic of Mickey Mouse and let’s get to it.


In no particular order, Friday’s Top Ten Marvel Hotties…….

1. Betsy Braddock, aka Psylocke


Honestly, what more do i have to say? Model, Pilot. Telekinetic assassin. Do you really need anymore on your resume? Betsy Braddock can do it all. Pyschic knives, telekinetic katanas, the ability to move through shadows, cybernetic eyes, and a skilled martial artist. Oh yeah, did i mention she’s British?!! Bonus feature: check out that outfit. be looking for a Casting Couch near you soon……..

2. Silver Sabolina, aka Silver Sable

Ahhhh, Silver Sablinova. I almost forgot about you. And really, how, oh HOW could i forget about the CEO of Silver Sable International? but no, you’ve made the list. And what’s even MORE amazing? You don’t even have any powers!!!! No shape-shifting, no teleportation, to rediculous super human strength. No, you’re just a female Batman, minus the creepiness and cave-dwelling. Did i forget to mention hot?! You’re that, too.

3. Sue Storm, aka The Invisible Woman



Sue Storm. Yes, we know. they did you wrong by casting Jessica Alba (although she is super hot) to represent you in the live action version of the Fantastic Four. But that’s ok. We here at 2 Comic Book Guys forgave them. You still have the power that most people would pick given a poll of “If you could have any super power, would would it be?”. Because most people are perverts, and would wanna see others when they think they’re not watching. And most comic book fans want to be your husband, Reed Richards. Tsk, tsk.

4. Jubilation Lee, aka Jubilee

This mall rat, ex thief, and X-Man loves all things teenage girls are supposed to love, except she has the ability to project plasma energy in the form of what she calls “fireworks”. A member of the X-Men, Generation X, the X-Corps (briefly), and the New Warriors (as Wondra), she jumped on to this list as my number 4 top Marvel hottie.

5. Misty Knight

This sexy cop turned detective sports a bionic arm, wits, and fears nothing and no one. Working alongside Luke Cage and Iron Fist, she is now a bounty hunter and a bail bondsman. Honestly, do you want this big, bad, mama chasing you down? Yeah, me neither.

6. Julia Carpenter, aka Arachne

7. Kitty Pryde, aka Shadowcat

8. Janice Yanizeski, aka Joystick

9. Monica Rambeau, aka Photon, Pulsar, Daystar, Captain Marvel

10. Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel

Soon to be getting her own movie! We here at 2 Comic Book Guys are excited about this one! I might even have to start reading some old back log books to get updated on the charcter. With all of the CBM’s dropping over the next 8 years, the nerd-dom around here knows no limits!

Friday, off to do some more research!

~ Jay’s Hotties ~

I have a few favorite ladies to add! In my opinion, NO Marvel Hottie list is complete without the following:

My #4, (after Psylocke, who would be my #3) is…


Natasha Romanov – not only a top-ranked spy but is the world’s best looking 80-yr old woman, thanks to WWII Russian biotechnology! She has hooked up with Daredevil on several occasions. I would LOVE to be interrogated by her 😀

Black Widow

Black Widow

My #2 would be

Black Cat

Felicia Hardy, cat burglar extraordinaire! this platinum blonde bombshell single-handedly popularized the latex catsuit, much to the delight of cosplay fanboys around the world! ‘Cat gets bonus points for having a psychotic fetish for Spider-Man! Gotta love the crazies. 😛

Black Cat

Black Cat

My #1 is easily…


The White Queen’s TRUE mutant power is overt sexuality. She ‘just so happens’ to be an Alpha-level telepathic. And can turn her body into solid diamond! Ever since her first appearance in Uncanny X-Men #129, Emma Frost tantalized fans in ‘barely-there’ clothing. And we thank her for that! 😀

-Jay, back to work….

Emma Frost

Emma Frost

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The Walking Dead – S5E5 – ‘Self Help’ – SPOILERS!

Fire trucks!

Library Sex!


Water-hosing zombies!


And……Eugene dropped the major nuclear bomb on the entire group.


the slimy sack of shit with the greasy mullet blurts out the moment that fans of comic book knew was coming….

He isn’t a scientist and there is NO cure waiting for them. 😦

As for Walking Dead ‘big reveals’ – i rank this up there with Season Two ‘We’re all infected’ and the moment we realize Sophia’s fate. Just serious shots to the gut that sucks the air out of you!

And poor Abraham –


so gung-ho about keeping this sack of shit alive to get him to Washington. He endured so much for this guy. We see flashes of Abe’s former life; how he brutally killed a group of men with his bare hands and in the process horrified his own family. We see how his family fled in terror, only to later be eaten by zombies. We see how he was ready to take his own life…. until a certain Eugene pops up pleading pitifully for help.

And in turn we witness the moment when the Big Lie takes shape. Eugene telling Abraham those fateful words, ‘I have a very important mission’. And in that instant Abraham – being a former military man – has renewed sense of hope. Of Purpose to live. And he dedicated his life to keeping Eugene safe on their perilous journey to D.C.

Abe was hell-bent on saving humanity by way of Eugene. He could put up with his cowardice. he could deal with him watching he and Rosita making out (or, ‘getting some ass’ as he puts it lol) – he could put up with his total ineptitude at survival. But that was predicated on him having the KEY to humanity’s future.

but all that changed in this episode.

Eugene decides to come clean, without much remorse despite all the sacrifices made for him!  Glen and Maggie are separated from their group/family. Abraham….well, he has yet to understand the gravity of what just happen. As for Rosita? She pledged herself to Abraham life and limb. I can only imagine what was going on in his head, thinking of all the derisive decisions he has made – all for the sake of Eugene’s false hope.

I wasn’t surprised that Abraham bashed Eugene’s f**kng head in! I secretly openly hope Eugene is dead. He was useless as a survivor in the zombie apocalypse and he endangered so many lives around him! And it was all based on one big LIE. And to make matters worse, he had the nerve to be ARROGANT about it! 😡

he deserved no better than the get the friggin’ life smashed out of him.

Next: we get to see our what happened to our favorite ‘couple’, Darryl and Carol!

Can’t wait!



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