Friday’s Top Ten Marvel Comics Heroines!


What’s up, peoples! the amazing, Jay and Friday here, bringing you yet another one of our infamous Top Ten lists. Yes, we know we did a Top Ten list on comic hotties, but we’re here to break it down for the Disney acquired Marvel comics heroines. although you may not agree with our list, remember this: its OUR list! now scroll down past this pic of Mickey Mouse and let’s get to it.


In no particular order, Friday’s Top Ten Marvel Hotties…….

1. Betsy Braddock, aka Psylocke


Honestly, what more do i have to say? Model, Pilot. Telekinetic assassin. Do you really need anymore on your resume? Betsy Braddock can do it all. Pyschic knives, telekinetic katanas, the ability to move through shadows, cybernetic eyes, and a skilled martial artist. Oh yeah, did i mention she’s British?!! Bonus feature: check out that outfit. be looking for a Casting Couch near you soon……..

2. Silver Sabolina, aka Silver Sable

Ahhhh, Silver Sablinova. I almost forgot about you. And really, how, oh HOW could i forget about the CEO of Silver Sable International? but no, you’ve made the list. And what’s even MORE amazing? You don’t even have any powers!!!! No shape-shifting, no teleportation, to rediculous super human strength. No, you’re just a female Batman, minus the creepiness and cave-dwelling. Did i forget to mention hot?! You’re that, too.

3. Sue Storm, aka The Invisible Woman



Sue Storm. Yes, we know. they did you wrong by casting Jessica Alba (although she is super hot) to represent you in the live action version of the Fantastic Four. But that’s ok. We here at 2 Comic Book Guys forgave them. You still have the power that most people would pick given a poll of “If you could have any super power, would would it be?”. Because most people are perverts, and would wanna see others when they think they’re not watching. And most comic book fans want to be your husband, Reed Richards. Tsk, tsk.

4. Jubilation Lee, aka Jubilee

This mall rat, ex thief, and X-Man loves all things teenage girls are supposed to love, except she has the ability to project plasma energy in the form of what she calls “fireworks”. A member of the X-Men, Generation X, the X-Corps (briefly), and the New Warriors (as Wondra), she jumped on to this list as my number 4 top Marvel hottie.

5. Misty Knight

This sexy cop turned detective sports a bionic arm, wits, and fears nothing and no one. Working alongside Luke Cage and Iron Fist, she is now a bounty hunter and a bail bondsman. Honestly, do you want this big, bad, mama chasing you down? Yeah, me neither.

6. Julia Carpenter, aka Arachne

7. Kitty Pryde, aka Shadowcat

8. Janice Yanizeski, aka Joystick

9. Monica Rambeau, aka Photon, Pulsar, Daystar, Captain Marvel

10. Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel

Soon to be getting her own movie! We here at 2 Comic Book Guys are excited about this one! I might even have to start reading some old back log books to get updated on the charcter. With all of the CBM’s dropping over the next 8 years, the nerd-dom around here knows no limits!

Friday, off to do some more research!

~ Jay’s Hotties ~

I have a few favorite ladies to add! In my opinion, NO Marvel Hottie list is complete without the following:

My #4, (after Psylocke, who would be my #3) is…


Natasha Romanov – not only a top-ranked spy but is the world’s best looking 80-yr old woman, thanks to WWII Russian biotechnology! She has hooked up with Daredevil on several occasions. I would LOVE to be interrogated by her 😀

Black Widow

Black Widow

My #2 would be

Black Cat

Felicia Hardy, cat burglar extraordinaire! this platinum blonde bombshell single-handedly popularized the latex catsuit, much to the delight of cosplay fanboys around the world! ‘Cat gets bonus points for having a psychotic fetish for Spider-Man! Gotta love the crazies. 😛

Black Cat

Black Cat

My #1 is easily…


The White Queen’s TRUE mutant power is overt sexuality. She ‘just so happens’ to be an Alpha-level telepathic. And can turn her body into solid diamond! Ever since her first appearance in Uncanny X-Men #129, Emma Frost tantalized fans in ‘barely-there’ clothing. And we thank her for that! 😀

-Jay, back to work….

Emma Frost

Emma Frost

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The Walking Dead – S5E5 – ‘Self Help’ – SPOILERS!

Fire trucks!

Library Sex!


Water-hosing zombies!


And……Eugene dropped the major nuclear bomb on the entire group.


the slimy sack of shit with the greasy mullet blurts out the moment that fans of comic book knew was coming….

He isn’t a scientist and there is NO cure waiting for them. 😦

As for Walking Dead ‘big reveals’ – i rank this up there with Season Two ‘We’re all infected’ and the moment we realize Sophia’s fate. Just serious shots to the gut that sucks the air out of you!

And poor Abraham –


so gung-ho about keeping this sack of shit alive to get him to Washington. He endured so much for this guy. We see flashes of Abe’s former life; how he brutally killed a group of men with his bare hands and in the process horrified his own family. We see how his family fled in terror, only to later be eaten by zombies. We see how he was ready to take his own life…. until a certain Eugene pops up pleading pitifully for help.

And in turn we witness the moment when the Big Lie takes shape. Eugene telling Abraham those fateful words, ‘I have a very important mission’. And in that instant Abraham – being a former military man – has renewed sense of hope. Of Purpose to live. And he dedicated his life to keeping Eugene safe on their perilous journey to D.C.

Abe was hell-bent on saving humanity by way of Eugene. He could put up with his cowardice. he could deal with him watching he and Rosita making out (or, ‘getting some ass’ as he puts it lol) – he could put up with his total ineptitude at survival. But that was predicated on him having the KEY to humanity’s future.

but all that changed in this episode.

Eugene decides to come clean, without much remorse despite all the sacrifices made for him!  Glen and Maggie are separated from their group/family. Abraham….well, he has yet to understand the gravity of what just happen. As for Rosita? She pledged herself to Abraham life and limb. I can only imagine what was going on in his head, thinking of all the derisive decisions he has made – all for the sake of Eugene’s false hope.

I wasn’t surprised that Abraham bashed Eugene’s f**kng head in! I secretly openly hope Eugene is dead. He was useless as a survivor in the zombie apocalypse and he endangered so many lives around him! And it was all based on one big LIE. And to make matters worse, he had the nerve to be ARROGANT about it! 😡

he deserved no better than the get the friggin’ life smashed out of him.

Next: we get to see our what happened to our favorite ‘couple’, Darryl and Carol!

Can’t wait!



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Comic Book Cartoons Reviewed!

Friday here! With the invention of Netflix,


and the creation of my kids, I’ve been able to watch cartoons without having to explain to my wife of how big of a nerd that I am. No need with kids. I am particular to the cartoons from the comic book drama (I can’t begin to explain how much I want to sell whatever the team who created Yo Gabba Gabba

was taking. I would be incredibly rich!), since they were beginning their popularity when I was a kid. Hey, everyone my age watched Power Rangers,Transformers,  GI Joe, TMNT, Tail Spin, Duck Tales, Rescue Rangers (man, Disney had my tv on lock from like 2 pm until 5 in the summer). And don’t act like you didn’t. As a grown (and I mean GROWN) man, I have gone back through the television time machine that is Netflix and watched entire seasons of the shows I couldn’t wait to get home to after school. Now, who do I have to talk to to get WB to release Tiny Toons, Pinky and the Brain, The Animaniacs, and Freakazoid on Netflix?

I was a big fan of GI Joe and Transformers most of all. They came on in the morning while I prepared for school. And they have various inclinations over the years all on Netflix. From the original Transformers, to Beast Wars, Rescue Bots, Transformers Prime, and the original GI Joe, to GI Joe Sigma Six

(since removed, never got to finish the series), and GI Joe: Renegades, based on the original story, part of the Sigma Six storyline, and the live action movie (changing Ripcords race to African American).

But here lately, WB and DC have been tearing up the small screen in the mornings on the weekend and during prime time at night on weekdays. I want to see more of their smaller heroes in live screen adaptations (Nightwing, anyone?), and not just on YouTube. The ultimate fanboy in Jay and myself would love to see these stories that we grew up with come to life by richer fanboys just like us, and then ultimately crossover onto the larger screen backed by bigger budgeted fanboys……….just like us. But for now, the cartoons will do. Netflix has an incredible library for both Marvel and DC fans alike. Multiple shows of Spider-Man, Batman, Justice League, and awesome shows like Young Justice, Ben 10 (every damn adaptation of them), Samurai Jack, Avengers Assemble, Ultimate Spider-Man,

and so on. My Netflix queue looks like a teenage nerds wet dream of shows to watch when not snapchatting or searching for porn. And when my kids get older, I will introduce them to the shows I grew up with just like my parents did with me and Looney Tunes. Seriously, I don’t have enough time to watch The Clone Wars, Green Lantern, and if you search for it, that god awful Fantastic Four Manga.

Yes, it exists. Although the Iron Man armored adventures with a young Tony Stark is a little weird.

Friday, juggling fatherhood and binge television watching!

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COSPLAY OVERLOAD! The 2014 Edition

Yes. I know, I know….. Friday and I suck.

In fact, I’ll just say it – we suck balls. More to the point, we suck  MOIST DONKEY balls, slathered with an icky cake of smegma!

And just why are the 2 Comic Book Guys doing all this ball-sucking?! BECAUSE we haven’t done a decent Cosplay posting in a long f**king time! And that is unacceptable. That is unacceptable in every comic-con and every ghetto and every hood in ALL languages in every corner of Westoros! In fact, the Mother of Dragons would be MOST un-pleased! And I would hate to displease my Khaleesi.

So without further ado (and displeasing Khaleesi any further) – here is our latest take on the Good, the Bad, the Sexy, and the Outrageous in the wonderful world of Cosplay!


The Good

dark knight rises

I’m a fan of ensemble cosplay. Cosplay Batmen get better and better every year. But Bane looks realistically LETHAL!

spiderman black cat cover

Cosplay cover re-creations are dope! And props to the real life Spider-Man for sliding his hand down to the prize 😉


Awesome Mystique! The eye details wins 😀

Pulp Fiction

DAMN! I bet this guy’s been told hundreds of times he kinda looks like the great Samuel L. Jackson! And his buddy nails Travolta’s smarmy grin.


Powdered Toast Man from the classic Ren & Stimpy Show!


Leia Minion – Haha!! 😀

wolverine epic

This Wolverine guy is a Comic-con mainstay. Hugh Jackman’s stunt double double?

Drago and khaleesi

doppelgangers of the real Khal Drogo and his Khaleesi Danerys! When you Cosplay and make people do a serious double-take? – that’s when God loves you.


Awww! Hodor and Bran and their direwolf Summer! Gotta love couples doing the full commit 😀 A+


LOVE Breaking Bad! Nice touch bringing Walter White and Jessie to life, BITCH!


thank you for bringing back a great character in 100% full commit – Edward Scissorhands!


Gone are the early days when Cosplayers wore homemade costumes to represent their fave characters. With shows like ‘Faceoff’ and ‘Heroes of Cosplay’ – regular people are rivaling Hollywood! Like this dead-on Full Commit GROOT and (mini) STARLORD! Awesoooooome 😀


This Lady Deadpool nails – but she was one of at least 20 Deadpool characters per show and I refuse to post more… no matter how great they look. Deadpool has quickly gone the way of Slave Leia. #overkill


I love Daria! Not that this is the best Daria cosplay I’ve seen, but they captured the attitude perfectly! Plus, ensembles get my vote every time. “la la LA la la, la la Laa la…”


the toughest part of this Maleficent cosplay has GOTTA be the razor sharp cheekbones! 😛

Thor cast

Ensemble of Loki, Black Widow, and Thor! B+ , because this Thor needs to do more biceps curls.


MARC SILVESTRI!!! 😀  Oh… and a Witchblade chick.


Pretty DOPE! I’ve seen a few similar Sandman cosplayers but this one is one of the best!

(he had to walk around like that lol)


aww man this Walking Dead Carol rocks! Full commit is SO DOPE! But she even captures the facial expression and mode of the moment! That is A+ material from a classic scene!


C’mon now! Full-life LEGO people! The child in me cheered. 😀


I’ve seen better Cosplayer Gambits than what Hollywood used in the movie!


Even though the Gambit/Rogue romance is dated and played out, I still love seeing a cosplay couple pull it off! Nice!


Cosplay par excellence! This guy brings a real life, cinematic quality to Deathstroke! Look at that insane amount of detail 😀

darth pimp

The answer to the question “How do you stand out from the DOZENS of Vaders and Boba Fetts?” – by literally pimpin’ it out! I bet these two got plenty of action later that night 😉

 – Jokers –

Special section because so many people dress as Joker but these few stood out….


This ‘Joe(joker) and Harley‘ duo made quite the impression at Comic-con!

[sidenote: how can American Horror Story claim that ‘Twisty’ is the scariest clown?? Not compared to The Joker!]


another great Dark Knight Joker and Harley Quinn duo! And, doesn’t Harley look so Fu..err, doable!? 🙂


His makeup is off but he DID a snag full-commit Harley AND  Ivy – and that’s dope!

The Bad…


Sure. “Jabba and Slave Leia“. I get it. But what REALLY makes this bad is this isn’t cosplay; I think he actually hangs out in his sleeping bag on a regular basis. 😐 and she ain’t even a Leia! – she’s just chillin’ in her drawers! …which is fine, actually.

Tron fat

A part of me gives him fractional credit for making his suit glow…but the other 99.2355%  says HELL NO to a fat Tron! You can’t be FAT and throwing light discs around a daily basis. And man….ball-sack?? Really.

wolverine fail

BWaaahahaaa!! I don’t know what I’m looking at but damn shit is funny as hell! 😀 😀  He dreamed of Wolverine as a banana, woke up hungry and inspired lol

Leelo NO

I seriously hate this guy. He dressed up as Leelo from 5th Element and doesn’t give a first f**k about looking so hideous. Look at him, casually perusing a game console in flip-flops! …with his bottle of hand sanitizer! Ugh….Now I have to un-think him! F*cker. 😡


Normally I love ensemble Cosplay but this Archer cast has a few things WRONG. Namely, white girl using tanning lotion/’black-face’ to pull off Lana (so wrong!), and a dude playing Malory (why??)… and, where is Pam?? And who is the black guy supposed to be? Is he photo-bombing?? WTF!


PPBBBTTTBWAAhahaaha!!!!!    (nuff said)

jon snow

“You know nothing, Jon Snow”…about dieting.

Marge simpson sisters

Maaaaaan I don’t care if it IS spot-on, dressing up as Marge Simpson’s chain-smoking sisters is just HORRIBLE!  lol  But, they do get credit for the MacGuyver dvd 😀

Green bulge

So WRONG in many ways…First of all, this girl CLEARLY has to go pee….and its bad enough the costume is a cheap imitation of a great character – but the REAL sin is using the power of the Green Lantern for personal augmentation!

Oh… and yeah, I guess having your sock-stuffer next to a child’s head ain’t cool either. 😐

~* The Sexy !*~


Black Widow, sure… but any woman in a zip-down latex and leather outfit wins Me for life 😀



I took a vote – all of fandom on planet Earth want Felicia Hardy -aka- Black Cat in the next Spider-man movie! (and yes I caught the Easter egg in AMS2 😉 )

black wonder woman

I am all about equal opportunity! This cos-player is a strong candidate for the first African-American WONDER WOMAN!


Nothing wrong wit the THICK gals! ❤ A full-figured, Curvy Cutie Black Cat also gets my vote!


She is killin’ it as CATWOMAN! And seriously….its the claws. Because, claws ❤

sexy green

Not sure what green-haired bikini character she is….but what’s NOT to luv about green hair and animal print bikini! 😀

Spider-girl sexy

Super-sexy SPIDER-GIRL! Complete with nice Assets! This needs to occur more often and closer to where I live 🙂


Any time a Cos-player fully commits to Witchblade? WIN.

Witchblade Cosplay - Jacqueline Goehner by Eurobeat Kasumi 17

“Wait… Jay, didn’t you just post a Witchbl..”  – SO?!



Had to save my personal fave for last! Striking resemblance to a sizzling HOT Mary Jane Watson! Taken straight from a J. Scott Campbell-inspired cover ~ Just dope! ❤


Archer Laura        Cheryl space                   Krieger and wife Krieger



Full commit Bumblebee! There is no way you do this and NOT win something. Even the ‘Damn, dude!‘-award.


Nailed. as a fan of total ensemble Cosplay i LOVE this Walking Dead cast! Everyone pretty much brought it!


A+ for even attempting the Labyrinth Goblin King.

A+ for 100% full commit.

A+ for actually LOOKING like David Bowie and doing the hand gestures! 😀


Man…… WOW. “I am GROOT!”  Just DOPE.  This gets my Top Prize. This person should be working in Hollywood right now!


Runner up ONLY because of the perfect Groot ^^ (see above)  I heard that this killer APOCALYPSE player was a major draw at this ‘Con!


…and finally, one of the best. Animated Bane > Bible-thumper wins the internets!

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