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‘Fables’ – wow. What more can I say about Vertigo? They kick azz so many ways! Fables is just so much fun to read. Fairy Tales for adults! This is Little Red Riding Hood. She never looked more fabulous – or deadly. The smoking gun has a double meaning here. You should read Fables if you haven’t yet. You’re welcome 😉



The early 1990s were a fun time for comic books. The industry took a lot chances introducing new characters. Some real tongue-in-cheek stuff as well! Like this great GEN-13 issue mimicking Janet Jackson’s iconic Rolling Stone cover! Fairchild…..whew! 😛



The God of Thunder versus the Cosmic Sentinel! There is so much happening in this image i don’t know where to start! Thor -with his mystical hammer Mjolnir -is about to unleash all types of ass-kickery on Silver!  You can see in Thor’s eyes the arrogant UMBRAGE he has for Surfer’s affront – ‘How dare you come against a GOD!!’ haha  (Thor is awesome) – and we see how Surfer is sorta ‘reaching out’ to Thor – like a plea for a peaceful ‘I don’t really want to do this, but…’ lol.

Also, notice the two power bases – Thor with all the might of Asgard behind him – and Silver Surfer, summoning the essence of the cosmos!  Two noble warriors about to clash! Breathtaking!! 😀



Wolverine has many great covers- but something about this Sam Keith treatment just makes Logan look really raw and really insane, and very dangerous! And kinda scary…



When you’re dealing with writer Garth Ennis you pretty much know what to expect….ANYTHING! So when you see this image of a poor little hamster wrapped in some sort of ‘gauze’, peering out with this…traumatic look on his wee little furry face, and some sort of ….’suspect’ fluid on the ground….well. [sigh] A picture is worth a thousand words.



The bleeding Smiley face. A very simple yet highly iconoclastic image.



Again – Vertigo Comics! It’s hard to choose from a favorite ‘Preacher’ cover cuz they’re all so damned awesome!  This series has some of the best covers in the history of comic books, IMO. This is one of my faves tho – Arseface, up close in all his ugly glory! 🙂



…along with this awesome ‘Arsface-world’ cover! God, i love that! 😀



When dealing with the legendary artist Frank Frazetta, its almost not fair to inculde him amongst others – we can do a whole series entirely on his works alone! This Conan cover is one of his more drool-inducing works. As a youth seeing this image made me want to be a barbarian. Seriously.


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