Classic Covers Gallery

The Covers Gallery features a wide assortment of some of our favorite comic book covers ever. Thousands of comic books are printed each year, yet some tend to seemingly jump off the rack and into our hands. Whether its the art, or the composition, or the theme – these are a few representative of great comic book covers.  -Jay



Cool story and even better cover! Particularly Harley Quinn’s colorful jester outfit juxtaposed against an all-black background. The look of adoration on Harley’s face says it all. And doesn’t the maniacal ‘ Clown Prince of Crime’ look rather regal in a tux? (complete with flower, which we know is full of acid!).




AS a teen during the 1990’s I thought that artist Marc Silvestri was a god! He was THE reason that X-Men was my favorite title. This cover alone ranks as -not only one of the best Wolverine covers  – and not only one of my fave Silvestri covers – but one of the best comic book covers of all time! This image of Wolverine possessed by a Brood will remain burned in my mind forever!



Captain America has many great covers. Some more memorable than this. But the savagery of the Hulk cannot be denied! yeah, Cap is an Alpha-class warrior/fighter and the greatest tactician in the Marvel Universe; but Vibranium shield be damned ~ this really had to hurt!



I consider the Bendis /Maleev run on Daredevil Vol 2. as one of the finest moments in  comic books since the new millennium. (Read more about it here!) During this dark period, Matt Murdock was outed as DD and every crook came crawling out to get him. Matt spent the next few months crossing that ‘line’ by naming himself the KINGPIN of NY and claimed the city for his own! This cover captures his exhausted mood perfectly.



….and during that same era – Black Widow came to his aid. (looking exceptionally tasty and dangerous!) Another excellent Maleev cover!




Another highly effective Wolverine/X-Men cover! Silvestri –CORRECTIONRomita Jr! – yet again proving why he was the best at what he did – and what he did was make Wolverine look like the savage killing machine that he is! Wolverine slashing thru the ‘fourth wall’ is just amazing. I believe this is the issue where he guts Phoenix (Rachel) wide open. Ouch!




Ninjak was such a badazz book! It didn’t deserve to fall victim to the rest of Valiant. This early Quesada cover is just soooo beautiful that i bought multiple copies of this one issue – which quickly sold out in stores.  The giant skull, the crushing weight of the water, the ‘splash effect’, Ninjak’s dramatic pose – just amazing! Let us all hope for a relaunch.



I admit – in the realm of ‘awesome-ness’, not much is going on with this cover. However, the story inside is quite powerful! This small gesture tells a powerful ‘What If?’ tale of what might have been between a Batman and Wonder Woman romance! Coincidentally, this issue is scarce due to low printing.



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