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2CBG MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Get Out’ – of your house and go see this movie!

“Get Out’ reminds me of every great horror movie I’ve ever seen, and why i love them” 30 Second Review:  Considering that this is a debut feature from a first-time filmmaker, ‘Get Out’ is an instant classic! Has all the … Continue reading

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Trying to finish Iron Fist.

What it do, world! I know, I know…its been a week, and you guys miss me. Don’t fret, here i am to bring you the goodness. But first, coffee! And now i have to remove my pants. Because shorts are … Continue reading

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2017…finally a post from Friday!

It happened last week. All it took was a phone call. Its not like Jay and I don’t talk. We communicate quite frequently. But he said the words I needed to hear, ‘The blog world needs us. They need us … Continue reading

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Guess who finally joined the twitter movement?!

yes, it is true….the 2 comic book guys have joined the social media movement. probably a few years too late (we do have lives that exist outside……and by that, we actually mean outside). anyway, we can be found on twitter … Continue reading

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