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2CBG MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Get Out’ – of your house and go see this movie!

“Get Out’ reminds me of every great horror movie I’ve ever seen, and why i love them” 30 Second Review:  Considering that this is a debut feature from a first-time filmmaker, ‘Get Out’ is an instant classic! Has all the … Continue reading

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Suicide Squad: Snap! Crackle! *Fizzle….*

“Suicide Squad feels like an attractive date who turned out to be quite boring”   I feel like I was ‘Catfished’. For the uninformed, a catfish is ‘someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using Facebook or other social … Continue reading

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2CBG MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Interstellar’ – or, movie stars are BIGGER than actual stars.

The main takeaway from Interstellar is this – What is big, dark and terrifying and has a gravitational force so powerful that it sucks in nearby planets and stars and not even LIGHT can escape it?? No, not Gabrielle Sidibe. … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead – S5E5 – ‘Self Help’ – SPOILERS!

Fire trucks! Library Sex! Espionage! Water-hosing zombies!   And……Eugene dropped the major nuclear bomb on the entire group. the slimy sack of shit with the greasy mullet blurts out the moment that fans of comic book knew was coming…. He … Continue reading

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