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‘Guardians of the Galaxy’s’ Marvel-ous HAUL! $$

As usual on this blog… I WAS RIGHT. 😀 Well, sort of. I was half-right. I said that even though Guardians of the Galaxy were D-list Marvel characters that the movie would STILL have a huge box office take.   … Continue reading

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MOVIE REVIEW: ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ – 33 years of waiting!

30 Second Review: One of the more popular story lines in the X-Men canon brought to glorious digital life with a few adjustments made to keep the lifelong fans happy and newcomers entertained. Of all the mutants accounted for (over … Continue reading

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It’s a ‘Marvel’-ous world! (we’re just visiting)

MARVEL DOES IT AGAIN! The new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer blew me the kcuf away! Friday and I have been amped-up about this project ever since it was announced years ago, and now that the trailer hit, our CBM … Continue reading

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Jay & Friday’s ‘Text Talk’ – What’s Next?

Week 1 of 2014 text session: Marvel’s MAJOR crossover plans 2014 box office predictions comic books that should be TV shows casting the re-launched FF movie …..  (disclaimer: rated ‘R’-   for raunchy, rowdy, and sometimes ridiculous!) . Friday: We … Continue reading

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