2017…finally a post from Friday!

It happened last week.

All it took was a phone call. Its not like Jay and I don’t talk. We communicate quite frequently. But he said the words I needed to hear, ‘The blog world needs us. They need us two “blerds” back at doing what they do best‘. Entertain the masses with witty rhetoric, game changing predictions, information on the current status of the geek world news, and of course, glorious pics to keep your attention on our page.

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             Last year gave us some hits and misses. And i had to break out the old “How to Type” books just to refresh my memory on how to do this properly for you guys. I’m used to doing things on my phone nowadays like the rest of the robots; at one point i even had an app on my phone so i could post on the go! Well, two kids, two careers (I’m a full time chef now), two states later, two cars and I’m right back in it like i never left. Kind of sort of like Mase. Only if i could get the goddamed pic to load. I almost thought i could get through the entire 1st paragraph without using any foul language.


         So, without going into too much of the dwelling on the past, lets look forward to the new 2017 movies.  i mean, who’s not excited to see some major baddies on the big screen this year? Although i don’t think The Vulture is a MAJOR bad guy, he has given the web-head some trouble. But Micheal Keaton is an amazing actor and the fact that Marvel is running this is going to bring some fresh new perspective to the character. GOTG vol. 2 is going to delve into the characters and bring us more hilarity, plus BABY GROOT!!!!!


Guaranteed to be the next hot Halloween costume.

Come to think about it, i should’ve put some stock in Marvel back when they were trying to sell books when everyone else was gearing up for TV.

         Don’t get me wrong, DC has done a great job of pretending to catch up, but time after time they fail to deliver us a solid hit. Honestly, its time to take a page from Marvel and use in house talent combined with visionary directors (James Gunn came out of nowhere and delivered a sci fi hit!) and producers with deep pockets. I’m most excited for Black Adam out of the current list of movies on the back burner, Wonder Woman notwithstanding.

      Ok folks, I’m done ranting for now. I have to go adult, which was a difficult transition for me. Used to being a one man wolfpack. Yeah, i just dropped a ‘Hangover’ reference on you.


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