Teaser: MORE Batman 3 Posters!

Man I tell ya! These new Batman 3 fan art posters just keep popping up and I am loving them! 😀    Seems like fans are sold on the whole RIDDLER in Batman 3 idea so I hope the Studio Heads at Warner Bros are hearing us!


This latest one done by     with Johnny Depp as the Riddler???  I’m slobberin’ dude! >>>


Warner Bros. make this a reality and you will have $50 in tix from me personally!! Cuz  I will watch JDepp rock this shit as The Riddler many times over!!


This one ain’t so shabby as well…. has the classic bowler hat with cane 🙂



The back to the poster pose gives a menacing mystery to it! Not sure what the breaking glass represents tho…



You may think this next suggestion is off the deep end – BUT – to play The Riddler  I’m casting my vote for Jim Parsons –  Dr. Sheldon Cooper from CBS  ‘Big Bang Theory!

Sheldon is a very egotistical but genius physicist. He is like a human version of SPOCK – dealing only in logic and absolutes! He is also the de facto leader of his nerd group! –  If you have not watched this hilarious show you need to RIGHT NOW.

Watching Sheldon in action is like watching a master of comedy! he def should have won Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series 2009! His Riddler would be quirky, funny, super smart and very deadly! he would have us terrified AND in stitches all at once 🙂 😛 😀


And last but sure as hell NOT least – want to send fans into an orgy of happiness?  Add the deadly and delicious Harley Quinn to the mix!


Ok Hollywood, the fans have spoken. Screamed even! The ball is in your court.

DON’T. F***. It up!

-Jay 🙂

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