Friday’s Top Ten List of Comic book Hotties!!! you know you want to….

ok, ok. back by popular demand, its the one and only top ten list. if you’ve scrolled through the others, i thrown one out there every once in a while. and since Jay did request this one, i’m gonna be like the Da Brat and give it to ya! roll typical drum pattern right……………………….now! where’s the drummer? tell him to get his ass out here, we’ve got a show to put on!!

once again, in no particular order, the hot, stiffy-inducing ladies of the comic book world!!!!

1. where do i start? well, i’m gonna start with Rogue. and i’m not talking x-men: the movie rogue. i’m talking penciled-in, appropriately -Shadowed Rogue. from the white streak in her hair, to the whole power and memory sucking ability, this is one hot heroine i’d let touch me!!


2. i’m gonna jump over to image comics real quick. most of you know where i’m about to take it. yes, i’m picking Fairchild! honestly, how could you not? pick up any copy of Gen13, and she’s guaranteed to be half nekkid on the cover. and half nekkid+great penciling=a real body of work.


3. Vampirella makes the list at no. 3. this is the only thought i had when i found this pic: yes, i’d let her suck me. take it how you want it. i meant it in every way possible. Harris’ publications leading character is uber=hot, and the outfit is…….remarkable. i could get into the vampire thing with a chick like this around.

4. i secretly have a crush on this chick. and she’s not even frickin real! she’s one of dc’s baddest b’s in charge, i’m talking about Power Girl. kick ass, look hot, and i bet artist’s have to wear bibs just drawing her! man……………..

5. the cousin of one of the baddest mofo’s on the effing planet made the list. and if i had to cast her in an actual movie, i have to say i’d go with casting Chyna as the real-life version of She-Hulk. i’m telling you, green skin and all………….i, i’d………………….. yep. let’s just leave it like that.

6. ah, Top Cow. did you really think i wouldn’t put Sara Pezzini on here? c’mon, who doesn’t love Witchblade? first of all, the damn thing shreds clothes when activated? who do i have to kill around here to get one of these? i’d just walk down the street, offering it to women to watch them “change” into Witchblade, lol.

7. what’s a top ten list without the most electrifying woman in the comic-verse? you know i’m talking about Storm. i’d be crazier than a two legged man running a three legged race against a five legged crippled man (think about that for a minute!) listen, Ororo Munroe. you’re hot. and with the ability to keep me cool on a hot summer’s day? you can head to the top of everyone’s list!

storm.jpg image by leofire_hot

8. hey, i know what you’re thinking. mystical girls, vampire babes, supers and mutants alike. where’re the damn aliens? there’s a hot one coming up. DC created this beauty and made me want to explore the deepest regions of outer space. i’m talking about Koriand’r, a.k.a Starfire. you can invade this world anytime.

9. hot. evil. weapons usage. maniacal. how can you not love The Baroness? all that wrapped up in a skintight leather get up? and let’s not forget to mention the librarian glasses. Oh!………………………thank you Marvel! i’m buying two tickets for the movie two weeks in advance!

10. listen. i know you’re ALL wondering who gets in the top ten. well, i’m gonna have to go with the fanboys on this one. i’m gonna have to put aside all feelings and emotions and agree with you all. she makes the top ten because she’s the visual embodiment of sex, power, and all things Marvel. this mutant hottie gets the nod, well, cuz she’s the queen. Emma Frost, everyone!

look, i grew up having pre-puebescent fantasies about this chick. i drew her naked so i could see what she looked like without clothes! we’ve all done it! how could you not? the good folks at marvel/dc/image/top cow/dark horse/harris publications had many to choose from. honorable mention goes as follows:

the black cat

the black widow

the huntress

Harlequin, anyone?

and can’t forget the sexiest kitten of them all: Catwoman!!

Catwoman73.jpg image by Batman1940

the moral of the story? skintight spandex/leather+hot chicks? good.

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Connoisseur of comic books and culinary amateur extraordinaire, attempting to balance passion and hobby with life occasionally getting in the way.
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6 Responses to Friday’s Top Ten List of Comic book Hotties!!! you know you want to….

  1. Jay says:

    I’m glad you were of the right mind to add STARFIRE to this list! Nothing like a Mega-hot, bi-sexual, free-loving nympho alien!! 😀
    ….now…..CHYNA as Jennifer Walters aka SHE-HULK??? Dude – WTF.


  2. friday says:

    c’mon, only in she-hulk form. not jennifer. kinda like the way they did the tv show. chyna’s too bulky to play jen, lol.


  3. Jay says:

    Better yet – get Brooke Hogan to play She-hulk! At least a little bit of eye-candy lol


  4. Jay says:

    damn we both suck – one yr later i realized we left off PSYLOCKE!!


  5. ARIYA says:



  6. Well, the listed females are appealing but these are wild. See for yourself Gwyn Knickerbocker


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